Vipin Choudhary

One of the pillars of Sunshine, Vipin with his positive and go-getter attitude, is the bridge between the creative and the production team. Vipin has worked in the TV industry for the past 15 years with leading production houses such as Balaji Telefilms, Creative Eye Ltd. and Shreya Creations and has had an all-round experience of the
creative and production aspects of television.

He became a part of Sunshine Productions in the year 2009 on 12/24 Karol Bagh as Project Head. Doing this daily series in Delhi was a mammoth task and Vipin met every production challenge with a solution. Thereon, from tough schedules, to talent management, to delivery crisis, Vipin has been deftly managing all operational aspects of the television production of Sunshine.

Vipin’s forte is in smooth execution of the shows, which entails making the best possible translation of what is envisioned on paper. As Creative Producer, he overseas implementation and management of budgets on all projects, keeping high production values intact.